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Get to Know Grainne – The Confidence Code

Published on 29th June 2021

This Summer we’re looking forward to our Guest Editor Grainne bringing her knowledge, experience and passions to Front Row. From Avon parties to The Apprentice, Grainne’s confidence has grown to take her to new heights of success and self-esteem, conquering the fear of the unknown to succeed.

At Front Row, we’re all about empowering people to step into the best version of themselves, which is why we’re bringing you our Confidence Code. This code is about discovering inner strength and realising that once we unlock these tools, values and perspectives - quite literally anything is achievable. Following Grainne’s lead, she had the passion, drive and unwavering confidence to see her goals through to fruition, no matter the pessimistic voices. Check it out below!


So, how do we build our own unique Confidence Code?

-      Imagine your highest, most confident self and show up as her every single day. This means dressing for yourself, living as you want, building a routine and a lifestyle that best serves you.


-      Actively take steps throughout the day to realise and mentally or verbally note your wonderful existence, your divine beauty and inner strength for all that you have achieved. The journey you have been on, no matter the heartache has built you into the version you are today, and this should be celebrated.


-      Realise the goals you set for yourself and your life are achievable and begin to take steps to make these things come to life.


-      Make time for you. Just like exercise, meditation, spirituality, work, friendships and daily life, you should intently invest time in yourself – exploring hobbies, passions, goals and other new things. This can look like writing out a budget sheet with a facemask and glass of wine in hand, other times it can be taking yourself on a solo date to somewhere new or sometimes it can even be committing to your new routine. It’s hard, but time invested in yourself is never wasted.


-      Cut off things that no longer serve you. We’re taking routines, goals, friendships, lifestyles and doing the ‘expected’. This is your life, it can and should involve as much joy and happiness as you allow. So when something doesn’t feel right anymore, let it happily slip from your grasp knowing that it no longer serves you.


-      Your relationship with yourself is the only one you’ll have for your entire life, so make it a fulfilling, bountifully grateful and abundantly joyful one.


-      Curate your social media to things that bring you delight. Social media thrives on the reliance that we compare, re-evaluate our self-worth and doubt our power. So unfollow, unsubscribe and don’t like things that encourage those feelings.


The Confidence Code is ever-growing and encourages us to move forward with resolve, optimism and the confidence we deserve. If you have a Code please tell us below|!

Don’t forget you could win one of three style makeovers worth €125 by getting involved on our socials and telling us how you’d style this look by Grainne!



The Front Row Team x