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The Lockdown Wedding Inspiration You Didn’t Know You Needed

Published on 1st May 2021

Couples across the country have had to adapt to varying restrictions, meaning creativity has been key to mastering the magic of your wedding with safety in mind for all. We’re running down the creative lockdown wedding ideas that added a unique final touch to the big day itself!  

Stylish Sanitising Station 

Reminding guests to keep Covid at bay in the sweetest of ways, we’ve collected some of our favourite slogans to use for your wedding signage.

-    "Love is infectious but so is Covid, please wear a mask and social distance."

-    "Spread love, not germs."

-    "Love knows no distance, but viruses do."

-    "Distance makes the heart fonder practise social distancing."

-    "Be wise and sanitise."

Alternative Seating Arrangements 

Ceremonies have changed from the traditional chapel row ‘groom side’ and ‘bride side’ to keep guests at a distance. So why not experiment with circular or crescent seating? You can even bench a household together to keep in line with regulations while providing a unique arrangement of chairs and benches. This way, family units and social bubbles are together, allowing at-risk guests to be less exposed in separate seating.

Multiday Wedding

Usually a very Hollywood type affair, but thanks to Covid we have the perfect excuse to prolong the celebrations with a staggered guest approach. A pre-wedding dinner, the wedding ceremony and then a next-day brunch are all fun ways to include exactly who you want to be a part of the celebration while keeping numbers low.

Food Trucks

One thing we want to stay is the introduction of food trucks. Instead of a traditional sit-down meal, opt for freedom of choice for each of your guests with a unique experience and potentially a prime photo opportunity!  This will also be safer for guests as they can queue and congregate in household groups.


As weddings become more intimate and less of a grand affair, we hope to see a rise in BYOB for the relaxed, outdoor celebrations.

Mini Moons

Staycations seem here to stay, for now. Leaving many couples with the decision to postpone their honeymoon or enjoy a staycation instead. However, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to create blissful little mini moon moments across the year, celebrating your marital bliss in some of the most beautiful local spots. You’ll save money and create memories that are easily revisited later for a romantic date!

Until next time,

The Front Row Team x