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2021 Interior Trends: The Aesthetics to Embrace in Your Home

Published on 5th May 2021

If you’re anything like us, you have a downright obsession with interiors. You spend all of your spare time flicking through Pinterest, designing your dream home one room at a time. Today, we’re sharing some major home inspiration in the form of three of 2021’s most popular interior trends. We’re dreaming about our ideal chill space as we speak…

Maximalist: Go Big or Go Home

Think contrasting prints, loud colours and everything you can think of. The pandemic has meant people want big changes to the spaces they’ve embraced for the last year, making them bigger and better than ever. Let your creative flair run free by any means necessary. Complement your prints with larger/smaller contrasts with a neutral colour palette to tie everything together nicely. Word on the street is that checks + stripes = chef’s kiss. Where colours are concerned, we might be biased, but classic black and white is always a win in our book!

Primary Colours

That’s right folks, fun combinations of red, blue and yellow are in for 2021. This trend is a surefire way to add some personality and artistic edge into your space, especially when led by a muted colour scheme. If you’re intimidated by large and in charge, in your face colours, add them in as accents. A red lamp here, a yellow vase there. Even pull it all together in one foul swoop with a primary colour themed art piece. Sometimes, less truly is more. 

All Cottagecore Everything

Due to the events of the last year, people are embracing comfort at every turn. Thus, the cottagecore trend was born. Think vintage, gingham and pastel all in one cutesy little package. Our inspiration was a cosy farmhouse, with adorable ditsy prints, a roaring fire and a hard working collie snuggled up on the rug after a long day of herding. Overall, this style is quite simplistic, meaning you get your bang for your buck where home updates are concerned. 

Until next time, 

The Front Row team x