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The Food Trends that TikTok Made Us Try

Published on 1st March 2021

The past year has been wildly unpredictable. But one thing we could rely on? The power of the internet to inspire creativity and positivity in the things we could control. For many, that tasty outlet was food. Thanks to TikTok, we’ve seen creators across the platform wow us with their fantastic culinary creativity allowing us to rethink the simple staples and make them great.

Dalgona Coffee

A nation swept into an unfamiliar working from home lifestyle change meant for many of us the mid-morning coffee trip was taken off the cards. Until Dalgona Coffee besotted the masses. Perfectly sweet, captivatingly creamy and inevitably caffeinated to get us through the day, made by your in-house barista… you. Follow the Dalgona coffee video to see what all the fluffy fuss is about.

Banana Bread

Did you really live through 2020 unless you made at least one banana bread? We think not. This traditional favourite really had its moment in lockdown and you know what? We’re not mad about it. By the end of April, searches for this fruity creation soared by over 525%!  What else was the nation who stockpiled eggs, flour, sugar and bananas to do?

Smoothie Bowls

Sick of wondering how people create those tropical island inspired, perfectly coloured, immaculately decorated smoothie bowls? Same! All you’ll really need for this one is a blender and a heap load of fruit!

Baked Feta & Tomato Pasta

Who would’ve thought something so simple could be so good? This tasty TikTok feta and tomato pasta recipe is truly a one pan wonder for less mess and more feasting.

Carrot Bacon (image credit: The Edgy Veg)

Thanks to creator Tabitha Brown, vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians rejoiced in glee due to her delicious carrot bacon substitute recipe. Not to mention her laid back, peaceful demeanour make us feel right at home. A Bob Ross of the TikTok culinary world if you will.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

These fun winter creations are cute little chocolate bombs that slowly melt when hot milk is poured onto them in your mug, magically releasing marshmallows and cocoa powder inside. Many have taken to different flavour combinations and designs to add something special to their typical cup of hot chocolate.

Enjoy creating these viral culinary delights!

Until next time,

Front Row Team x