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Simple & Free Valentines Day Ideas

Published on 3rd February 2022

A wise Jennifer Lopez once said that love don't cost a thing. And we couldn’t agree more! Valentine’s doesn’t have to be pricey, if you want to execute something thoughtful to say ‘be mine’ in a romantic way that doesn’t break the bank then take a read of our ideas below!

  • Cook or bake something together

You don’t have to spend a fortune to dine out when you can whip up the aroma of amour at home. If your culinary skills aren’t the most refined, we suggest trying a food service like HelloFresh to make the process even easier!


  • Have a board games night

Pop the wine and dive into your favourite silly games. To up the heat, we’d even add in truth and dare consequences to every round! Don’t be afraid to get creative.


  • Set up a picture-perfect movie night

There are plenty of Valentine romcoms available around this season on all streaming platforms so cosy on up in a blanket and pillow fort complete with fairy lights and your favourite snacks.


  • Plan a treasure hunt at home

Print, cut, write and hide small scavenger hunt riddles and hide them throughout your home for your other half. Extra points if you can weave in aspects of your relationship!


  • Spend an afternoon at a museum

Learn something new, admire poets and painters with your valentine whilst taking in the opulent backdrop of museum architecture to truly set the scene for your day


  • Get Artsy

This doesn’t have to be expensive either, simply drop a few pennies on a sketchbook or canvas, paints or pens and let your inner artist take charge. You can even swap canvases every 15 minutes to add to the fun!


  • Go for a hike or romantic walk

Always wanted to adventure someplace but never found the time? Today’s the day to surprise them to that place they’ve always mentioned. You’ll get brownie points for this one, trust us.


  • Host an at-home bonfire night

Firepits aren’t just a summer nights thing you know. Grab some skewers, marshmallows, cookies, chocolate, fruit and blankets to ensure the perfect snuggle situation.


  • Make your own signature drinks at home

Unleash your inner mixologist whilst trying new tastes and indulging in your favourite spirits with your valentine.


  • Park the car and stargaze

All you’ll need for this one is homemade hot chocolates and your go-to comfy layers. This idea will be a memorable occasion indeed.


  • Follow a YouTube dance tutorial

Always wanted to learn how to dance with your partner but don’t know where to begin? YouTube has hundreds of free couples dancing tutorials that you can follow along whilst feeling like you’re acting out a movie moment.


  • Go to the beach

Dipping your toes in the ocean, making footprints in the sand, collecting shells and capturing memories are all good reasons to make the beach your Valentine’s day go-to.


  • Take a bike ride around the city

Use the city to act like tourists for the day, rent a city bike and explore the urban trails of the cityscape. You can discover hidden gems and it’s a low budget way to do something fun and memorable too!


  • Run a bath complete with candles and bath bombs

Make this holiday a relaxing one and run a calming bath for yourself or your partner to let them enjoy an atmospheric retreat!  Complete with bubbles, petals and candles galore! This is the perfect way to indulge in a little TLC for you or someone special.



The Front Row Team x