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The Essential Tips for Working From Home in 2021

Published on 13th January 2021

Working From Home in 2021

The past year has showed us all that working from home can be both a blessing and a burden. We have made it work where possible; fluffy socks, furry friends and lie ins included. Although for many it has brought a desire to get back into the workplace, see co-workers and all the little simple interactions we long to experience again most. However we navigate the daily grind, it’s important to revive stale routines and see what works best for you.

It’s Called Power Dressing for a Reason

When working from home it’s easy to slip into the PJ attire morning, noon and night. As comfy and cosy as this may be, sometimes we feel a disconnect from our work selves and our home selves. Dressing for the working day may fill you with confidence to seize the day. Whether that’s by donning a chic blouse, making time to do your hair, or even donning your favourite lipstick. Whichever route you go, make sure you’re comfortable and feeling your best! Check out our current favourite workwear from H&M.

Make Your Workspace a Motivational Haven

Some of us are lucky enough to have our own working office, while some are sharing kitchen tables, bedrooms or sofas. By adding some final touches you’ll be able to curate a space that is both functional yet pretty. We’re loving the neutral palette from H&M Home, a collection that will fit seamlessly into any home office. For a few of those last-minute touches why not add a few fool-proof plants from Penneys?

All Work, No Play

Find times throughout the day to take a breath and step out of your working area. By allowing yourself a few moments away from your desk or computer you can recharge the batteries and step back into working with fresh eyes. A fresh brew and tasty feel good snack, a lunch time stroll, a yoga stretch or a dog walk is a perfect way to get out of the working zone for a while and give your brain a break. And finally, don’t allow your working life merge into the after hours of home life. Start to wind down for the evening by organising your office space for a new day and sticking to your times. Work is important but grind time shouldn’t be all the time.

Until next time,

The Front Row Team x