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Beauty Resolutions for 2022

Published on 14th January 2022

We’re starting this year with a refreshed beauty routine. These newly adopted habits will help cultivate fresher, healthier skin as well as establishing more much-needed TLC throughout the year.  We’ve rounded up a few goals you can handily incorporate and stick to!


  1. Face First

Indulge in a monthly facial to target any skin concerns. A facial can not only help take the stress out of the day, but it can take years off your skin and invigorate your complexion. Not sure where to start? With the winter months still in full force, we recommend a Hydrafacial for a complete treatment, unclogging pores, removing dead skin and built-up sebum.


  1. Fresh-faced before bed

A no-brainer, but all too familiarly ignored by all. This year, make it a goal to cleanse your face before you hit the hay. If you’re struggling to keep this resolution, place an oil-based cleanser and cotton wool pad on your bed-side table to make this one even easier to stick to. By sticking to this resolution you’ll prevent damage to your skin, giving it time for recovery overnight and prevent breakouts.

  1. Hands

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our hands have really been put through it. Wash, sanitise, repeat. Let’s give our hands time to heal, repairing damaged and cracked skin before it gets any worse. Regular check in’s of moisturising once your hands have been thoroughly cleaned can help build up the skins barrier after a lot of wear and tear. We like to keep pocket hand moisturisers in our handbag, car and living room for easy access.

  1. Beauty Sleep

Getting between 8 and 9 hours of sleep a night is imperative for both our physical and mental health. Say goodbye to those migraines, building wrinkles, dull complexion, bags under your eyes, lack of energy and sex drive. If you struggle to sleep soundly throughout the night there are plenty of ways you can encourage deep sleep. For example, you can ensure you get enough exercise during the day to tire out your body, have a hot relaxing bath before bed, minimise screen time the hour before bed, listen to rain sounds or even schedule short naps throughout your day.

  1. Exfoliate Weekly

It’s something that many of us forget to do unless our streaky tan is becoming all too emphasised. However, a weekly exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and damaged cells to reveal the glowing healthier skin underneath. We do not recommend exfoliating your body more than once a week, as this can do more harm than good. You’ll soon notice less oily skin, firmer texture and a glowing complexion in no time.

  1. Lukewarm showers

Whilst hot baths and showers can seem like a relaxing delight after a long day, we recommend treating yourself to a lukewarm shower instead. Lukewarm showers have been proven to retain your skin’s natural oils to leave you looking and feeling hydrated, as well as energising your mind.

So which resolution will you begin?

Find everything you need to kick start the resolutions at Boots Ireland here,


The Front Row Team x