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New Year’s Resolutions You Can and Will Keep in 2022

Published on 16th December 2021

We don’t know about you but we for one are more than happy to wave goodbye to 2021 and usher in a fresh, bright new year filled with tonnes of optimism, opportunity and experiences.  To get kick-started it’s about time we all started piecing together the guilt-free, achievable changes we will actually want to keep!


So have your planner at the ready people! Here come 22 wonderfully positive, change-inspired goals you can and will want to keep in 2022. Let’s leave the diets, the complicated cleanses and intense workouts in 2021.

  1. Explore the Great Outdoors
  2. Schedule More Gal Time
  3. Take A Road Trip
  4. Spread More Kindness
  5. Put Laundry Away Properly
  6. Make Your Bed
  7. Keep the Car Clean
  8. Grow something
  9. Don’t hit snooze
  10. Walk A Mile Everyday
  11. Interior Project
  12. Journal Something
  13. Read More
  14. Declutter And Get Organised
  15. Meal Plan One Meal A Week
  16. Drink More H20
  17. Send Celebration Cards
  18. Try something new every month
  19. Print And Hang Photos / Prints
  20. Support a local business
  21. Pay off A Deb
  22. Learn A New Hobby