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New Hobbies for 2022

Published on 23rd December 2021

The new year is a perfect time to try out new hobbies, seek out new passions and refuel your enthusiasm for ‘me’ time. Learning new skills, unwinding into something creative and spending time getting lost in something we enjoy is the exact kind of energy we want to cultivate in 2022.


So, what will you take up this year? Find inspiration from our list below.

  1. Learn how to bake – given the rise of ‘pandemic bakers’, now Is a perfect time to dive deep into sweet treats, decorative creativity and supreme savoury tastes.


  1. Cross stitch – Low cost with endless creative results. This is a great low investment hobby where you can discover tonnes of different patterns to follow online to create varying knits.
  1. Gaming – With a variety to try, there’s something you’re bound to love! Plus it’s another way to catch up with friends online and escape into many different worlds and realms.


  1. Blogging – Think of it like purposeful journaling - share your opinions, thoughts and experiences on a free hosting site online like Wix, WordPress, or Weebly.


  1. Coffee Making – Try your hand at some barista skills to bring some pizzazz to your morning cuppa. Learn to make that perfect brew of tea, bespoke coffee, or delicious mocha.


  1. Learn Professional Photography – A skill that’ll help you capture the new memories and moments of 2022. You don’t need a fancy or expensive camera either and you’ll find an array of courses to learn from online for free.



  1. Yoga – This hobby not only provides a staple workout but a sense of calming peace and inner strength.


  1. Book Club – Involve friends or work colleges to discuss your la
    test read; discuss plots, characters and entangle yourself in other’s perspectives.

  1. Mixology – Create cocktail classics or craft your own signature cocktail recipe instead! You’ll probably already have enough to get started with what’s at home so why not add to your collection with some fresh skills?


  1. Get outside – Rollerblading, rock climbing, paddleboarding, running, dancing, trail walking, hiking. There’s plenty of ways to stay active and take on the great outdoors.
  1. Learn how to paint – Once you’ve picked up the supplies, you’ll find plenty of free YouTube videos to build up on the basics and can even follow simple ‘how-to’ videos from the likes of Bob Ross.
  1. Start a small garden – No matter the size of your outdoor space you can grow veggies, fruits and flowers in a simplistic raised bed outside. You can even utilise windowsills if you don’t have room outside.


  1. Upcycle furniture – Give old pieces a new lease of life for your home while sticking to a small budget. Grab chalk paint, second hand door knobs and final touches to completely transform pieces that no longer fit to your home’s aesthetic.