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Dreamy Cottagecore Fashion Explained

Published on 10th May 2021

Can the revival of a charming rustic aesthetic be the fashion antidote to quarantine blues? For many, the answer is yes.

When a fashion trend has the power to allow you to step into dreamy sprawling meadows, thickly thatched roofs, fresh morning sunlight and elegant puff sleeve fantasies, it’s little wonder we’ve all found the escapism of cottagecore fashion so appealing. Thanks to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, we’ve seen the demand for simpler times and nostalgia-driven outfits rule the timeline. On TikTok, this trend has up to 71 million views alone.

It’s not just the outfits we’ve embraced but the comfort and security within the quaint hobbies and possibilities that cottagecore embodies. Thanks to lockdown, traditional household hobbies such as needlework, painting, baking and gardening have bloomed once again. It’s a trend we don’t see going away any time soon either. Classic cottagecore inspiration can be found throughout major blockbusters such as Bridgerton, Little Women and Pride and Prejudice to name a few. Romanticising simple timeless fashion, celebrating divine feminine silhouettes entwined with inviting floral patterns are just a few of the loveable sides to this nostalgic trend.

With a global pandemic in the background of our lives, cottagecore fashion and lifestyle have found a newfound appreciation among all who seek a slice of escapism in the corner of their world. Check out H&M, New Look & River Island for all the latest cottagecore-inspired looks you’ll need to ace this trend.

Until next time,

The Front Row Team x