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Brunch Time: How to Make the Perfect Avocado Toast

Published on 6th March 2021

A millennial favourite, avocado toast is a go-to option from breakfast through supper, an always appropriate n’ tasty treat meal. A treat meal is the new cheat meal in that there’s never a bad time to treat yoself! Today we’re chatting through creating the perfect avocado toast from home. Keep on reading to become an aficionado of the avocado kind!

  1. When buying your avocados, ensure that they’re in good nick and really hard - here’s why. They’ll ripen in their own time and will have some give when you’re peeling and cutting them - there’ll be no injuries or losing a finger on our watch!
  2. Choose a thick, tasty bread to pair with your avocado to unleash a burst of flavour. Ensure that it’s well-toasted, golden brown with a good crunch. When it’s still piping hot, add your butter so that it melts nicely into the bread.
  3. Once your avocado is peeled and chopped, it’s time to mash: add to a large bowl and go at it with a fork. It’s important to ensure that your avocado is well-mashed - you don’t want to lose half of it when taking your first bite, now do you? Once throughly mashed, add and mix your preferred seasonings in to up the flavour stakes.
  4. Optional: fry some bacon and poach an egg and add ‘em on top. It’s even better if the yolk is still runny - you can do like an influencer, cutting into the egg and filming the yolk run throughout the avocado. Delicious.
  5. And finally, to complement the mild flavour and creamy texture, add some rock salt and black pepper (and chilli flakes, if you fancy!) on top prior to serving. You’ll never be able to have it again without and it’s so, so worth it!

Until next time,

The Front Row team x