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Summer Garden Activities

Published on 30th May 2022

Get your little ones involved in all things outdoor sunshine and garden games fun whilst making memories this summer. We’ve collected garden activity inspiration to encourage everyone to explore your little great outdoors.

Giant Jenga

Some games are better when they’re bigger and the odds are higher! Play giant Jenga in the garden ith your little ones for easily created fun. You can even use toy bricks if you don’t already have giant Jenga bricks. Write challenges on the bricks for an even bigger challenge.

Create a Chalk Challenge

Got a blank space of patio or tarmac? Unleash their creativity with the help of some chunky chalks in pastel colours to brighten up your outdoor space. You can scribble fun instructions, like twirl, touch your toes or hop like a bunny in a fun sequence along the floor. Or perhaps let them illustrate some pictures instead.

Play Hide and Seek (with an object)

For those of us with small garden areas, you can play a version of object hide and seek to suit your space. It’s easy – simply choose an item to hide, everyone takes turns to close their eyes and count to 20 whilst the item is hidden and off you go exploring and uncovering! Up the stakes by timing each round.


Using a chalk, draw a grid on the outdoor patio or perhaps use twigs instead. Use things found from around the garden to be your game pieces! Ready, set, play!


Garden Grooves

Simply play a song and encourage everyone to dance, once the music is paused everyone freezes on the spot – whoever moves is out. This is repeated until one dancer is left as the crowning champion!

Garden Bowling

Use recycled make-shift props to create a garden bowling, like plastic bottles or empty cardboard boxes. Stack them in a triangle formation at one end of the garden and roll a ball to knock the items over. First to knock them all over scores a strike!

Water Fight

The classic summer garden game is a staple of any garden get-together. When the sun is shining and you don’t mind getting soaked, enjoy some competitive splash-tastic fun. Use make-shift water pistols, water balloons and buckets to let loose in the garden!

Other Quick Ideas Include:

  • Creating an outdoor sticky wall
  • Create an outdoor DIY swing
  • Create a bird feeder with items you have at hand
  • Create a fairy garden
  • Leaf and rock painting
  • Make a homemade suncatcher
  • Build a bug hotel
  • Build a den