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St Patrick’s Day Crafts

Published on 9th March 2022

Pots of gold, leprechaun mischief and rainbow spotting are just a few of the magical things our little ones get to celebrate in the run-up to St Patrick’s day. We’ve compiled fun, easy and creative crafting and cooking ideas to decorate your home and build excitement for the season of green!


Use an empty roll of toilet paper roll and reuse it to make a shamrock stamp by bending one end into the shape of a cloverleaf, painting the bottom of it green, and pressing onto paper multiple times until a clover shape has formed.  Or you can use the side of your child’s fist or their footprint to make an adorable, personalised shamrock picture.


Leprechaun hats

Place six lolly sticks over one rectangle piece of card and glue side by side together, with the card acting as a holder for the lolly sticks. Glue one lolly stick along the bottom of the six craft sticks for the brim of the hat

Paint the leprechaun hat green wait until fully dried. While the paint is drying, cut out shapes to help create your leprechaun hat. One long piece of black paper, a yellow square, and a smaller black to make the belt.  Once the paint is dry, glue the long piece of black paper above the brim for the belt of the hat.  Glue the smaller black square to the yellow square to make the buckle for the hat. Glue to the belt of the hat and you’re done!



Pot of Gold Mobile

Gold, or mini yellow pom-poms? Either way, craft this DIY hanging mobile and lots of luck and riches will surely come your way! Cut 1-inch-wide strips of paper from different coloured craft paper. Next, hole-punch each strip to make a hole in the middle and then stack the paper in the rainbow order. Thread a piece of twine through the holes, knotting it just above and below the paper to hold the paper in place. Fold a piece of black craft paper in half and cut out a pot shape, so that you have two identical pieces. Cut out two dome-shaped pieces of yellow craft paper and sandwich between the black pieces, glueing everything together. Next, glue mini yellow pom-poms to the yellow paper to create the gold. Punch a hole at the top of the yellow dome, and thread the twine through and secure with a knot. Cut out mini clovers from leftover green craft paper and glue them to the front and back of the pot. You can outline these with a white pen to make the clovers really pop.



Gift some Gold

Fill up leftover jam jars or mason jars with delicious chocolate coins to remind your loved ones that they make you feel lucky every day. Secure the lids with a green bow and a tag for your message.


Happy crafting this St Patrick's Day!



The Front Row Team x