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The Home Workouts to Try in 2021

Published on 28th January 2021

The Home Workouts to Try This Year

The silver lining of this year and our body goals? The glorious home workout. When the world was turned on it’s head who knew that our once cosy living rooms turned sweat fuelled gym area would bring the endorphin filled grace we needed?

Although some of us are aching to get back into the real gym with real equipment, there’s nothing stopping us from our goals y working with what we’ve got! In the meantime, our TV’s, laptops and phones have been our dedicated PT’s. From online studios, training plans, YouTube videos to the nations’ newly awakened love of running we’ve collected some of the best home workout plans and routines to see you through mind, body and soul. First off, make sure you have cleared a safe space to get moving and are dressed in something that is both comfy and confident!

For the Yoga Lovers

For those seeking online classes to feel closer to gym life, FiiT’s Rebalance studio offers a range of blissfully zen movements to sweaty power yoga. With a variety of series working from beginner level, breathe work techniques to more advanced classes you’ll soon be developing both strength and flexibility. With the added option to host a group class, you can join together with friends to all feel a little closer to normality. Much better than a zoom catch up!

For those who have dipped their toes into the world of yoga they’ll know Adriene Mishler is an undisputed YouTube yogi. With over 9 million subscribers, Adriene’s classes do away with comparison and encourage you to simply, ‘find what feels good’. Last but not least, check out Daily Yoga App for both Apple and Android. Hundreds of class plans, more than 50 workouts and daily asanas with step-by-step guidance will show you through every movement. With an enthusiastic global community and regularly updated content you’ll find motivation isn’t an issue!

Our Go-To Fitness Apps

With so much out there it’s difficult to know where to start when you want to get your sweat on. We’ve included our favourite coaches and apps below. So all you need to do is get out your mat, lace up those shoes, tighten your fitness tracker and get going. Make sure to complete a 5-10 minute warm up before diving into any of these routines!

Finding it hard to stick to a workout plan? Why not try the free daily Female Fitness app which encourages you to simply start with just 7 minutes a day. To burn calories, tone up or find your flexibility you’ll find plenty of targeted workouts from legs, arms, bums and tums to get you started. For those who want to take on a challenge, try Chloe Ting’s 21-day Get Fit challenge which has seen millions of women taking up the challenge for free. Ting keeps her routines fresh and exciting with a variety of targeted workouts to ensure you don’t get bored. With warm ups, stretched, workouts, cool downs and rest days incorporated you can’t go far wrong! If 21 days isn’t far enough why not jump on the #28DaysOfSweat with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks? You’ll be able to follow Joe through 28 sweaty days of home workouts and find a community as dedicated to home workouts as you.Or try something a little different with a free 7 day trial for shadow Boxing and HIIT online workouts galore with top UK instructors from Boxx.

Until next time,

The Front Row team x