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Christmas Crafts with Kids

Published on 2nd December 2021

Decorating with the kids during the holidays always seems to get us in the festive spirit. We’ve rounded up our top Christmas crafts to keep the kids entertained right up until the big man’s arrival whilst also giving you homemade décor filled made with love.

Santa Advent Calendar

Create a fun crafty advent calendar using one cotton ball at a time to finish off Santa’s long and luscious beard right up to his arrival on Christmas day! First, cut out Santa's head and red hat on pieces of white and red paper. Draw on his eyes, pink cheeks and nose, then jot down 1-25 on his white beard. Starting on the 1st of December, have your kids stick up a cotton ball until Santa's beard is complete!

Twig Ornaments

Explore your very own winter wonderland at home for this one. Bring winter’s elements inside – twigs, leaves, berries, branches and more. You can glue different-sized twigs to resemble stars, trees and snowflakes, then add sparkling embroidery thread for a hint of colour.

Pinecone Gnome

Start by taking your family on a crisp winter walk. With cosy knits and fluffy hats, everyone wil be in the mood for some festive crafting especially over a hot cup of coco! Whilst out on your walk let the hunt for pinecones begin – all sizes and shapes are welcome here. With the addition of a felt hat, a pom-pom nose, and white paint you’ll have yourself a cheerful gnome in no time.


Toilet Roll Snowman Ornaments

Give old toilet roll tubes a festive spruce. Simply paint them white, allow to dry and then add fun details using different coloured markers. We like to add earmuffs to our snowmen by sticking pom-poms to the top of the roll on either side and then gluing a piece of paper over the top. This can also be used to hang up your little snowmen in a festive  garland fashion!

Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

This one is always a hit with our little ones. Messy hands AND festive treats? A recipe for success. First, mix up a big batch of chocolatey rice Krispies, using white chocolate and adding a few drops of green food colouring. Mould your mixture into long triangles and then adding sprinkles, sweets, white icing as tinsel and more. Leave to dry and then tuck in!