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A Guide to Creating a Morning Routine That Sticks

Published on 9th April 2021

Mornings are lovely, aren't they? To us, they're a bright new day and a total fresh start. Wouldn’t it be great if every morning could be enjoyable, setting a standard for how the rest of our day will go? Even if you're not a morning person, we’ve got 3 handy tips to developing a pleasant routine that will make every morning one to be enjoyed.

Get enough rest.

Because there’s nothing worse than tackling an unexpected, chaotically busy day on not enough sleep. Depending on your personal preference and what works for you, 6-8 hours sleep is optimum. Try to put your electronic devices away an hour before going to sleep too; they’re proven to affect our quality of sleep if used too late before bed! 

Get up as soon as your alarm goes off.

We know this one’s a toughie, but hear us out. The longer you stay in bed after your alarm rings, the harder it becomes to shake off the habit. We find it makes us feel more sleepy, too. Here’s a hot tip: when setting your alarm, place your clock/phone across the room. That way, you’re kind of obligated to spring out of bed and turn off the noise, and by that stage you’re already ready to roll! Seems like a harsh punishment, but if it works, it works!

Give yourself time in the morning.

We know that no-one wants to get up earlier than they have to, but there’s something nice about a slow morning that you have time to enjoy. Take some time in the morning to choose your outfit, catch up on the news, put on your make-up, have breakfast; whatever you enjoy doing in the morning. It makes mornings more pleasant and sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go. AND - not rushing around like a headless chicken is always a win in our book!

Until next time,

The Front Row team x